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Ongoing Growth in Fresha

Ongoing Growth in Fresha with Introduction of New Equity Partner – In late 2011, Fresha Export’s Managing Director, Don Claasen, asked Maher & Associates to construct a succession plan.


Don, who wanted to be able to spend more with his Grandchildren, also wanted to ensure that Fresha would succeed him and his staff be looked after. In addition, Don wanted to realise value for his hard work and investment over the past 28 years. Constructing a set of options it became clear that Don wanted to maintain an active interest in the business and preferred a partial to full sell down at this stage.

Maher & Associates canvassed the market to identify an equity partner. The right partner needed to bring a skill set that was ideally positioned to meet the demands of the business, whilst also be able to introduce new ideas and fresh thinking to keep the business on the cutting edge. Importantly for Don, he needed to be able to click with his new partner on a social level.

Maher & Associates identified Andrew Robertson as the ideal partner. A mutually acceptable structure allowed Don to realise over 80% of the value of his company on completion, whilst retaining a meaningful equity position, and active participation in the business on his terms.

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