The Sale Process

We will work with you to tailor a strategy structured to your business and objectives. However, in a broad sense, we aim to maximise your proceeds and outcomes by:

Understand your requirements for a successful outcome
  • Your financial expectations and requirements
  • Your desire for on-going involvement in the business
  • Other items important to you
Understand your business
  • What makes your business unique
  • What are its strengths and opportunities
  • What have you done well?
  • Where could a new owner make improvements?
  • What drives revenues and profits?
Work with you to present your business in the best possible light
  • Our experience as buyers of businesses gives us a unique insight into the best way to present a business to generate maximium interest and optimise financial outcomes
Assemble and manage a team of professionals
  • Identify requirements (lawyers, accountants, tax advisers, others)
  • Assist in identifying and building the best possible team
  • Maximise efficiency and minimise hassle with effective co-ordination and communication
Manage potential acquirers
  • Market your business to the right people
  • Protect your confidential information
  • Understand their motivations
  • Anticipate and answer their questions comprehensively
  • Instil confidence
Manage the Process successfully to completion
  • Proactively manage negotiations and legal agreements
  • Ensure that everyone and everything is in place for the successful transition

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